Real Estate Marketing: Is Your Marketing Content Getting It Done?

Cole Wiebe
November 3, 2013
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Content marketing success takes time. If you're not seeing the payoff yet, you may be wondering if your content marketing efforts are on track. Here's a simple checklist:

Is your content findable?

Interruption marketing strategies — where marketers interrupted prospective customers' days by sticking ads in their face — are becoming less effective all the time. We're all far too busy for that. Today's real estate buyer or seller already has a good idea what they need and will search for information to relieve their point of pain or fulfill a desire. It's going to be on their time and with their permission.

Your content may take the form of blog posts, videos on YouTube or Tweets. Effective content needs to be well written and/or tagged, crawlable and successfully indexed by Google, Bing and Yahoo!, if it's going to be found when those searches occur.

SEO and traffic are as important today as ever. They can't buy from you, or list their home with you, if they can't find you.

Is it interactive and engaging?

Investors in real estate and agent services value the opinions and advice of others and enjoy engaging in the conversations surrounding content they like, find useful or disagree with. Your content should allow ratings, comments or the ability to provide feedback others can view and respond to.

Content designed to please everyone is rarely shared. If you're against the rezoning of the waterfront, for example, voicing your opinion could get your posts shared. Pushing for the new recreational centre may upset a few of the locals, but if you sell homes to growing families, could make you very popular with your target audience.

Is it easy to share?

It has become expected that content will be shareable. So make it super easy for your blog's visitors to email the post to a friend or recommend it through the popular social sites. If you offer a video or infographic, consider making it embeddable on other sites. If your site does not offer sharing buttons on every post, get them installed today.

Final thoughts

Do you have a content marketing success story to share, or a few questions? I welcome your comments below.

Would you like an evaluation of your current content strategy and a proposal for making it better? A free 20 minute coaching call could be a game changer.

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One comment on “Real Estate Marketing: Is Your Marketing Content Getting It Done?”

  1. Hey Cole
    Great summary. It is so true that old marketing is dying. Perhaps not dead, but on the way. I read an article about Gary V in the NYT on the weekend about how he works solely with social media, and encourages his clients to do so too. He mostly finds that they split their budgets across both new and old media, but did one experiment with a new brand to prove his point, and he got the same results as TV with a lot less money!
    Anyway, thanks for sharing

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