August 30, 2021
Optimizing Product Pages for a WooCommerce / WordPress Site

Read time: 4 minutes Optimizing your WooCommerce or WordPress site can help you to attract more visitors and make your online store more convincing to potential customers.

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December 13, 2013
Writing Sales Copy That Converts (Part 4)

Read time: 5 minutes « Continued from Part 3 In this last post of the series I'll cover trust factors, creating urgency and sealing the deal. 13) Prove it Social proof is your most powerful persuasion tactic. If you've made claims about your product or service, here's how you back them up. Your readers will naturally consider what you […]

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December 6, 2013
Writing Sales Copy That Converts (Part 3)

Read time: 3 minutes In part 3 we will continue with the writing of your killer sales copy, with a focus on holding the reader's attention.

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November 27, 2013
Writing Sales Copy That Converts (Part 2)

Read time: 4 minutes Brilliant sales copy is all about "them." That's right, the customer. How are you improving the quality of their lives?

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November 14, 2013
Writing Sales Copy That Converts (Part 1)

Read time: 5 minutes Does your sales copy inspire action? You dug the well, you installed the pump, you've primed it... but will it now fill your bucket?

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September 8, 2007
‘Hit and Run’ SEO vs Continual SEO

Read time: 3 minutes Hired Gun SEO or Relationship Building Through Content? Over the past ten years, our Vancouver SEO business has offered both one-time SEO packages and ongoing SEO programs involving a content strategy. One time SEO packages have been a much easier sell. Over a year, the costs to the client are a bit lower than continual […]

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September 2, 2007
They Can’t Buy From You If They Can’t Find You

Read time: 2 minutes If you’re disappointed with the return on investment from your website, you’re hardly alone. A website that costs more to build, maintain and host than it generates in new business is a liability. It’s not working for you, but against you. As advertising tools and business investments, most websites crash and burn. But why? Because […]

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