SEO Copywriting Case Studies

I've been writing marketing copy and content since 1987. Back then, I wrote editorial articles for magazines, designed ads, and wrote the ad copy. I began writing for the web in 1997 and it opened a whole

new world of possibilities. Here are a few examples taken from the many websites I've written for over the past few years, showing a range of topics.

Health & Wellness

Earth Fare

Project type: content writing, direct response emails & sales pages
Industry: health food stores

Dr S C Brady, MD

Project type: SEO copywriting
Industry: plastic surgery

Coquitlam Periodontal

Project type: SEO copywriting
Industry: periodontistry / cosmetic dentistry


LiveMain City Guide

Project type: hyperlocal marketing, content writing
Industry: lifestyle magazine

Real Estate

Project type: SEO copywriting
Industry: real estate

Team Pope

Project type: SEO copywriting
Industry: real estate


Canadian Stone Industries

Project type: content marketing, social media
Industry: masonry products

Crucial Roof Services

Project type: SEO copywriting
Industry: roofing

Corridor Projects

Project type: SEO copywriting, social media
Industry: residential & commercial contracting, renovations

Coast Essential Construction

Project type: content creation
Industry: construction contracting

You will never earn top-5 rankings on Google for the content your website does not have.
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