June 26, 2020
SEO Copywriting: Words Matter

Read time: 4 minutes The difference between getting a purchase or a pass from customers often depends on the quality of your SEO copywriting.

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January 20, 2014
Are You Focusing on Conversion Before You Have Traffic?

Read time: 5 minutes First deliver on the promises you made to attract people to your blog. A major mistake many bloggers make is trying to sell right at hello.

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November 14, 2013
Writing Sales Copy That Converts (Part 1)

Read time: 5 minutes Does your sales copy inspire action? You dug the well, you installed the pump, you've primed it... but will it now fill your bucket?

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August 7, 2013
Content Overload? You Need an Editorial Calendar

Read time: 2 minutes The days of creating content only to announce the release of a new product or service are in the past. Every day of the week, effective online marketers have content creation on their to-do list. It could be writing a new pillar article or a blog post, a guest post for another blog, leaving useful […]

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March 7, 2013
The Importance of Writing Effective Pillar Articles

Read time: 2 minutes The purpose of content marketing is to get people to come to your website because of the quality of the content you present to visitors. How is this accomplished? One of the most effective strategies is writing pillar articles. Pillar articles are core articles or blog posts that people refer to again and again, generating […]

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September 4, 2007
SEO is War

Read time: 2 minutes Top five positions must be snatched away from an opponent.  There are only 5 top five spots. If you want one, someone else has to be toppled from their place at the top. You don't get to the top by showing up with your shiny new site; you will have to fight to be there. […]

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