Real Estate SEO / Content Marketing

A little about me: I have been writing copy professionally for over 30 years, working in the art and copy divisions of several design and publishing companies for ten years before transitioning to the web in 1997. I’m an active blogger and am personally involved with every piece of content that we produce.

I've been helping real estate agents with their SEO since 1998. Without plenty of traffic, and conversion of visitors into subscribers and leads, the most attractive website will fail to grow your business. My strategies always begin with evaluating your goals, establishing desired outcomes, and defining exactly who your audience and customers are. By developing “ideal client” personas I can create unique, highly personalized content just for them.

Content marketing is far more than just writing articles and posts. Publishing and then marketing the content I've created on your site, across social channels will help engage your audience, wherever your prospective clients are found online: visitors, subscribers and followers.

The more “touch points” you have, the more likely we are to reach your target audience and convert them into clients.

We will become content partners, and I will personally be working with you to achieve your sales goals. Each plan includes one-on-one coaching time each month, via phone or Skype.

No matter what anyone tells you, online marketing success does not happen overnight, particularly in the uber-competitive real estate industry. It's a process.

I will be calling you shortly to welcome you on board. Within a few days of sign-up, I will send out a questionnaire to begin the discovery process, so realistic expectations can be established, and objectives set for the months to come.

Let's talk

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