I help smart professionals "out content" the competition™

Is your content failing to bring in enough qualified traffic? Do you have an audience, but visitors have been dropping out of your conversion funnel? Is your list not growing as quickly as you need to obtain the results you need?

If you're ready for high-value, well-researched and engaging content that actually drives results, I'm your guy. Learn more about my copywriting services.

Always remember; you will never earn top-5 search engine rankings, inbound links, likes and shares, newsletter sign-ups, or traffic with the content your website does not have.


I write engaging content your readers and search engines will love, to increase traffic and readership, and convert readers into leads and customers. I’m a direct response copywriter and content strategist. I specialize in writing sales letters and creating email letter sequences. I also design lead generation funnels and write the landing pages and white papers that convert your visitors into patients, subscribers and customers.

I have been designing, researching, and writing content for over 34 years. In 1987 I started writing ad copy for magazine display ads, and some editorial content, and in '97 moved to digital on the web.

Clients love the work I do

Great job all round!
Service and communication were efficient and professional, and the work of a high standard.
I would highly recommend his services and look forward to working with Cole again.

Jane Hunter

Jane Hunter

I’ve found some web folks to be a bit transient and onerous at times and have used quite a few different groups over the years.
The only one I’ve had great and consistent results with is Cole Wiebe. Give him a call and mention my name, he’s a real pro.

Darrell Cassidy

Darrell Cassidy

Buoyant Creative


Schedule a quick 20-minute strategy session

Questions to consider before our call:

  1. What are your goals? Are you hoping to onboard more patients, sell more packages or products? Do you want more personal time?
  2. How is your SEO? Are you coming up in the top-5 results for your search terms on Google?
  3. Does your website's content adequately showcase your expertise?
  4. Do you have a 'leak-proof' conversion funnel, with social media, articles, blog posts, case studies and testimonials, and strong calls to action?
  5. What can I do to save you time? I want to help you streamline your business or practice, by improving your website integration.


SEO Copywriting

Not showing up in Google? It's frustrating and costly! I can write ‘findable' content that builds your site's authority online and improves your rankings on Google and Bing. Amazing content also encourages social shares and attracts high quality, relevant inbound links to your website's pages and posts.

Direct Response Copywriting

If your website isn't generating the sales and leads you hoped for, I'd like to help. I write sales letters, and create sales funnels, landing pages, white papers, Facebook ads, etc. I can also design your site's content flow, and write web page copy with strong calls to action.

Content Writing

I create engaging content your readers will love, and will map out a content marketing strategy for your audience. High value content attracts attention, increases brand awareness, generates leads, expands your customer base and engages an online community of loyal fans.

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