Why Searchers Click Where They Do

Cole Wiebe
September 10, 2008
Read time: < 1 minute

Web searchers click on page links because they expect the pages will satisfy their needs.

Navigational searchers expect to land at the right site. Informational searchers expect to find in-depth information on a specific subject. Transactional searchers expect to be one step closer to taking action.

No matter which approach they take, they will do it very quickly. Most searchers will select the first promising link on the number one page of search results. This process will take less than five seconds.

Searchers tend to favor organic (natural) search results to pay per click results, selecting them 60% of the time.

How do you increase click-through?

No matter what the style of searcher, they click search result links that contain the exact query words they are looking for in the title or description snippet.

For informational and transactional searchers, brand names, trusted information sources, reviews and comparison information will encourage a click. For transactional inquiries, the offer of low prices will enhance click-throughs.

The process

The first step is gaining top search engine rankings. This means first page for your keyword terms, preferably top-5 positioning. The second step is to tweak your site so that the titles and descriptions appearing in your organic search results get click-throughs. And thirdly, you want to analyze where your traffic is going, then tweak the site’s content and traffic flow to convert visitors into buyers.

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