How Much Should SEO Cost?

Cole Wiebe
August 28, 2013
Read time: < 1 minute

We've used the AYTM data had compiled into this brilliant Infographic for a while now. We're located in Vancouver, Canada and I've found the stats to be spot on as far as the labor involved to gain enough traction in the marketplace online that our clients are realizing a satisfactory return on their investment.

There's a tendency for clients to want to invest far too little, essentially bringing a knife to a gun fight. The internet is very competitive. To illustrate: if you asked me for a $400.00 return on your investment, I believe you would agree that our chances would be considerably better in delivering that return if you gave me $100.00 instead of only $10.00 to invest.

seo pricing
Infographic by SEOmoz & AYTM Market Research

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