Content Marketing is a Marathon, not a Sprint

Cole Wiebe
June 28, 2014
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One of the greatest challenges we face as content marketers is overcoming unrealistic client expectations.

Even with high quality content, published on a regular editorial schedule, great search engine rankings and impressive traffic numbers, your readers will probably need to come back several times before they take any action. For real estate 5 to 8 visits are usually required before some form of conversion occurs. We have to keep investing the energy, without growing weary.

We live in an instant gratification generation, and publishing content rarely triggers the immediate buying response web owners are hoping for. There's a tendency to jump ship before the return on investment kicks in.

If runners quit before the first water stop, nobody would ever finish a 10K run, much less a marathon. Rand Fishkin spoke on this yesterday on Whiteboard Friday. He makes a very good point. Competitor impatience is a wonderful thing for those of us that do stick with the program, and it's one of the reasons content marketing works so well. If everyone hung in there, the competition may be too stiff.

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