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April 4, 2014
4 Web Design Approaches: Which is the Best for Real Estate?

Read time: 3 minutes Client-centric, user-centric, SEO-centric, ROI-centric... is there a clear winner?

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April 2, 2014
Real Estate Business Down? Here's How to Get Back the Love

Read time: 4 minutes When real estate sales and revenue take a hit, do you become proactive, or scale back?

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January 8, 2014
Real Estate Marketing Tip: Are You Tossing Out Perfectly Good Real Estate Leads?

Read time: 5 minutes Leads represent the beginnings of relationships, not disposable email printouts or cards in a big numbers game.

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November 9, 2013
Real Marketing Estate Q&A: Do I Need Social Media if I'm Creating Regular Content on my Website?

Read time: 3 minutes For a real estate pro, which is better, or do you even need social media if you're actively publishing fresh content on your site?

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November 3, 2013
Real Estate Marketing: Is Your Marketing Content Getting It Done?

Read time: 2 minutes If you've been wondering if your content marketing is on track, here's a simple checklist.

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September 16, 2013
Dominate Your Real Estate Area with Hyperlocal Content Marketing.

Read time: 9 minutes Hyper-local content marketing is killer effective, but labor intensive, and therein lies your potential advantage. Success usually comes to those who complete the tasks lazy competitors are unwilling to take on.

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September 16, 2013
Disappointing Rankings, Traffic, Results... Hmm, Is Your Website Broken?

Read time: 7 minutes Never assume that your website is working perfectly just because you checked the page you last edited, or you haven't made any updates in a while.

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August 5, 2013
How To Create Great Content Day After Day After Day...

Read time: 6 minutes Inspiration is grossly overrated. One of the most important disciplines you will need to develop as a business blogger is becoming a collector of ideas, inspiration and source material...

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