Optimizing Product Pages for a WooCommerce / WordPress Site

Ian Carroll
August 30, 2021
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eCommerce has taken the world by storm and the number of online shoppers is increasing by the day. This is a double-edged sword for those who operate online stores. The increase in online shoppers is great news but the increase in online stores means that much more effort is required to stand out from the competition.

Optimizing your WooCommerce or WordPress site can help you to attract more visitors and make your online store more convincing to potential customers. It is predicted that online sales will reach approximately 563,500 million US dollars by 2024. This clearly illustrates the need for creative and persuasive product pages that make it as easy as possible for customers to shop from your website.

Product page optimization is all about making your online store as attractive as possible for potential customers so that you can increase the conversion rate of your website and ultimately, the bottom line of your company. Let’s take a closer look at what you can do to optimize your online shop:

Use Titles Wisely

Make sure that you choose product titles that are both shopper and search engine friendly. Titles should be catchy and descriptive at the same time. You can include a target keyword in your product title which will make it easier for search engines to find your page. Ultimately, a good title should pique the customer’s interest and inspire them to investigate the product further. When creating titles, try to use as few words as possible.

Guide Your Customer’s to The Goal

The purpose of any online shop is to sell products and services. Make it as easy as possible for your customers to buy from your shop by creating clear and unmistakable call-to-action buttons. You can use creative wording or vibrant colors to draw a shopper’s attention. The CTA button should always be placed in a highly visible area and stand out from the content around it so that shoppers can find it without any effort.

Spend Time on Creating Spot-On Product Descriptions

The importance of having great product descriptions cannot be overstated. Product descriptions should be as detailed as possible and answer all the questions a potential buyer may have. When creating a product description, you should place yourself in the shoes of the customer. By asking yourself what you would want to know if you wanted to buy the product, you can get a good idea of the information you should include in the description.

Use Split Descriptions

Short Description

By creating both a short and a long description for your products, you can make it easier for customers to navigate through your site. The short description should serve as the customer’s first introduction to the product and should include all the essential information and product specifications. This information can be presented in a very to-the-point manner, but you should be sure to include words that are aimed at selling the product. The aim of the short description is to give users who already have background information on the product the final nudge that they need to make a purchase.

Long Description

The long description is the space that you use to provide customers with as much detail about the product as possible. This can include specifications like dimensions, weight, and more. Remember that many customers just skim through longer pieces of text so ensure that you add the important information near the start of the text. The long description should inspire undecided customers and make them feel like they need the product that you are offering. To that end make sure to use language that connects with buyers on an emotional level to further increase the chances of a sale.

Pay Special Attention to Images

Images are potent selling tools and can help a lot to turn an interested browser into a client. When adding images make sure that they are a true representation of the product and that they are high-quality. It is always a good idea to add several pictures that have been taken from different angles. This way customers can visualize the product and its dimensions better. Wherever possible, use unique images for your store and products and avoid using the same images as your competitors.

Add Extra Details

If the product you are selling is available in different colors or styles, add images that represent all the different options. For example, if you are selling clothes, you can add a color picker that changes the color of the product in the image in accordance with the user’s selection. In this way, customers can have a shopping experience that is much closer to a traditional visit to the store.

Consider Using Video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is probably worth a million. Shoppers are much more likely to buy products from your online shop if you have uploaded videos that demonstrate how the product works and how it can improve the lives of your customers. In general, websites with both videos and images tend to perform better than image-only versions. A video offers the ideal opportunity to convince a customer to purchase a specific product and it offers a strong advantage over competitors who do not have videos on their sites.

Bear SEO in Mind

Remember that SEO plays a huge role in getting your store noticed. Ensure that all the content that you use on your website is written with the basic SEO principles in mind. Skimping on SEO means that your competitors will have an advantage when it comes to search engine rankings, leading to less traffic and fewer sales.

The Takeaway

The eCommerce space has never been more crowded than it is now, and the number of online stores is on the rise daily. Environmental factors are also pushing more and more consumers towards online shopping, so the already stiff competition is destined to increase further. For any online business to be successful in this atmosphere, it must outperform the competitors. Achieving this is not an easy task but by implementing the points mentioned in this article, you can get the most from your online store.

* Photo by Carlos Muza on Unsplash

Ian Carroll has been a Digital Marketing and SEO specialist for over ten years and he currently runs Digital Funnel who are specialists in SEO Cork, and SEO Dublin.

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