Dr S C Brady, MD

Project type: web design/development, content marketing
Industry: plastic surgeon, medical

Dr Brady was looking for something very unique and elegant, to stand out from the rest of the plastic surgeons in the Greater Vancouver area. In my discovery meeting with Stephen, it suddenly occurred to me that a website I was designing for myself might be perfect. It was a Flash design, with very smooth transitions: zooms, fade-ins, overlay modal content, etc.

I happened to have my own development site on my laptop, so I showed it to him. It had a 'bump' interface, that would slide in the next or previous panel of content like a 'curtain' when the right or left side of the page was bumped with the mouse. He absolutely loved it, and I began converting my own site's project over to the S C Brady branding within the following days.

The ocean spray in the footer was an exact recreation of the magnificent etched glass divider in Dr Brady's office. It had become part of his branding, so we wanted to include it in the design.

The site's interface was designed to load additional page content in a new layer above the base content, rather than leave the existing page. (This was very new in 2010.) It was a good solution for a site with a lot of before/after images.

In 2010, Flash offered fully scalable content, so there was no need for responsive design. To handle the few mobile devices that were out in 2010, we had JavaScript detect the device and serve up an HTML version of the site. The blog was built in WordPress.

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