Social Media Optimization

AKA SMO, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Social SEO or Social PR

In the same way Search Engine Optimization allows more people to find your website through a search engine, Social Media Optimization guides people to your web site through social media channels.

Google’s recent updates have thrown considerable weight to how much your content is shared, tweeted, and liked. Backlinks alone are not enough anymore. And social media is more than just posting information about your company. Bragging on yourself is an ineffective way to do social media because it provides no value to the reader.

Conversations are going on in social channels about you and your business whether you're involved or not. One of the greatest concerns clients express is that of negative publicity. Having a social media specialist at work is in fact the only way negative comments can be effectively prevented or diffused.

There's nothing more positive than a quick and satisfactory solution offered as soon as a complaint is expressed online. It can have a huge positive impact, demonstrating that you care about your buyers. It shows transparency and says, “We know that everything's not perfect, but we fix things as soon as they come to our attention. You, the buyer, help make us better and better every day.” Conversely, staying out of the conversation leaves you very vulnerable. Failure to respond encourages other customers to add fuel to the complaints.

Effective social media marketing involves discovering where these people are and what they are doing online. It's about interacting with your community on a personal level and giving them the information they’re actually seeking. It involves listening instead of blasting them with advertising and sales pitches.

Social media is a way to generate word of mouth advertising and give buyer support on the internet. A good word about you from someone with high online authority can boost your sales very quickly. A bad word from them and you and your office can gain an ugly reputation overnight.

Social media is far more than just Twitter and Facebook. It can include engagement on LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Yelp, FourSquare, Google Places, and a host of other websites that feed into the social media stream. It’s not uncommon to find that someone else made a profile for your company office on these smaller social media sites and put in inaccurate information! This is the other side of social SEO that can easily be forgotten, but we can help you regain control over those profiles so they can be corrected.

It can be challenging to keep your social media profiles accurate, consistent and filled with fresh content. How can you keep the buzz going when you’ve got so many other things to worry about with your business? Consider us your online publicists and brand ambassadors. We can handle all of your social media for you, or provide training and ongoing coaching for you and your team.

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