SEO-Centric Web Design / Redesign

SEO web design differs from other web re-design approaches because the website is designed and then built from the ground up to rank in the top 5 positions on Google, Bing and Yahoo! It has one primary objective, and there's power in that level of focus.

We usually recommend a more comprehensive ROI web design strategy that embodies more than just SEO. But, where finances are limited, isolating strategies like SEO or PPC can provide the greatest bang for our clients' buck.

This is our process:

1. Website Audit

I begin by auditing your existing website and the results achieved with that website, and the marketing strategy behind it. I evaluate its strengths and weaknesses, and review the content, architecture and server setup.

I will then consult with you, discussing my findings and making some initial recommendations.

2. Discovery

In the discovery process that follows, we will discuss your needs, goals and desired outcomes. To make your goals achievable, they need to be clearly defined and progress must be measurable.

We create customer personas. Not only are we looking for the customers you've had the most success in attracting in the past; we want to know who your ideal customer is. Once I know the audience we're targeting, and the products and services we're marketing, it's time for keyword research and mapping out the content silos and superior navigation we need to build to effectively present that content. At the end of the day, your website is a content presentation platform.

We determine what content must be created, and if it will be included in the re-design project. I'm a web copywriter, so having me write your content is usually the best solution. I have been writing marketing copy for over 30 years.

3. Strategy

For your project to be successful, we must be on the same page as far as the strategy for achieving your site's objectives goes, and the implementation. Based upon my findings during the discovery process, I will prepare a strategic brief for your approval. A functional specification document is also prepared for the design department.

4. Design

Storyboards are created, wireframes prepared (simple visual layouts) to define key layout areas, and I will begin creating visual mock-ups in Photoshop for you.

You will be presented with design layouts. These layouts are reviewed by you and refined/revised until approved. Upon sign-off on the design, the project is ready to move into production.

5. Production

In the production phase of the project, the Photoshop layouts are “coded” into a functional website.

All of our design and development work in 2014 is responsive, so the designs look good on all popular browsers and devices.

6. Content Population / SEO Strategy

In most projects, copywriting will have been going on behind the scenes while the design and production is carried out, and it's now time to enter all that content into the page shells we created.

7. Support

Our standard SEO Web Design projects include a series of tutorial videos, covering all common maintenance and content creation functions, screencast by completing the tasks on your new live site. I am also available by phone or email, to answer questions after launch.

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