Pay per Click Advertising

AKA Paid Search or AdWords Campaign Management

Have you ever wondered how Google can command such a high stock price? Google makes the majority of its money through Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Those text ads that you see on your search results, or the ones that appear on other web pages, are purchased through Google. In 2012, Google made $42.5 billion dollars through this advertising model.

PPC ads are an excellent way to give your site a rapid boost, if done correctly. It's possible to begin receiving qualified leads in as little as 48 hours. There are several different channels, but Google AdWords is the industry standard. Google has made it very easy to get started with PPC ads. But running a PPC ad campaign with a positive ROI (return on investment) can be another thing entirely.

There are many pitfalls with PPC advertising that can result in wasting a lot of money on ineffective ads. Some considerations are:

  • The ad must be targeted directly to the buyer at just the right time
  • The landing page URL the ad sends visitors to must lead directly into a sale or lead
  • The right keywords must be selected to connect with the correct market and geographic region
  • Landing pages must be optimized to prevent bounces, and a poor Quality Score

These are just a few of the important decisions. The ads themselves may be tiny, but getting the most ROI from PPC advertising requires research, copywriting and tracking of performance metrics. If you have a record of creating poor ads, Google can give you a lower Quality Score, a very important metric that affects the cost. Landing pages and the overall content on the website PPC ads link to also influence your Quality Score.

Many companies and professionals decide to go with a campaign manager with a track record in PPC advertising to save money and make sure that it’s done right the first time. Besides mapping out a strategy, and writing and setting up your ad campaigns, I can write the copy and design the landing pages for you.

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