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Content writing today goes under several names. In 2005 Brian Halligan of Hubspot coined the term "inbound marketing". Joe Pulizzi, of the Content Marketing Institute, released its "History of Content Marketing" infographic in 2012, introducing the term "content marketing" to the world.

Some online marketers refer to informative content as indirect response copy. And they have a point. If pure, undefiled content is only about educating the reader – with no visible marketing agenda – then content written to add the reader to an email list, so they can receive marketing in their inbox, could technically be called "copy".

No matter what you call it, content writing is designed to lead to a purchase over time. Here we're building influence, and the copy typically targets email list sign-up, with a fremium white paper/ebook as the ethical bribe that secures the first name and email address.

Content is not king. It's the kingdom. – Lee Odden

Email sequences keep your readers engaged after they subscribe – delivered by auto-responder –so your new subscribers don't immediately unsubscribe after they have their free information product. In the campaign, there are typically more downloadable items, ridiculously valuable blog posts each week, and maybe access to a private login area with special 'insider' information or a free course… Your readers quickly learn to look forward to these amazingly useful emails.

Content marketing is the only marketing left. – Seth Godin

Your content establishes your value, positions you as the expert, and builds brand awareness and trust. In most customer relationships today, 'content people really care about' has become the entry point to the sales funnel.

Examples of content writing services include:

  • content audits
  • content marketing strategy
  • news
  • blog posts
  • articles
  • macro / pillar long-form content
  • magazine features
  • guest posts
  • ghostwriting
  • white papers
  • ebooks
  • infographics
  • press releases
  • hyperlocal content
  • opt-in copy
  • on-page SEO and schema markup
  • downloadable freebies (white papers/ebooks, courses, etc.)
  • email newsletters
  • case studies
  • how-to guides
  • question and answer articles
  • interactive quizzes, surveys and contests
  • social media micro-content snippets
  • scripts for podcasts and YouTube videos
  • training and coaching for in-house teams

I have been writing content and copy for over 33 years. In 1987 I began writing ad copy for magazine display ads. My official roles in the publishing house included both ‘art’ and ‘copy’; but when they needed an article, I jumped across to editorial (content). At the magazine I gained experience in graphic design, content writing and direct response copywriting. And then in ’97, I began writing for the web, and a whole new world of possibilities opened up for content distribution.

The big difference is that instead of the 3rd party publisher creating the “content” you use to present your marketing, we now write that content on your own website. We’ve taken out the 'publication' middleman.

It's not just the best content that wins; it's the most promoted content. Today we have social media to open your marketing funnel(s), with a link to more information in your latest blog post. And we have your email list to let your subscribers know we've added something exciting and new, so they return to your website again and again. The promotion of the article or post typically involves four times the effort that went into research and writing your epic piece.

I do not outsource the writing to junior writers. I will personally consult with you on our SEO copy strategy, pitch article ideas to you, conduct scholarly research and then write high-value web content. (Full disclosure... I do have someone else proofread the finished articles because it's good to have another set of eyes.)

Services and Pricing

Blog and article writing focus on expanding your audience, bringing in new readers and engaging old ones. 1,000+ word posts and articles begin at $300 CAD. In the SEO Traffic Builder 4-Pak bundle, however, you save 33%. That’s right, they cost only $200 CAD each for a limited time. (Details below.)

Macro long-form articles (AKA primary source or pillar articles) begin with scholarly research and are written to make you the most respected authority online for your topic while earning inbound links and search engine rankings. 2,500 word+ pillar articles start at $450 CAD*.

Your website is your #1 salesperson. High performing copy will take your visitors through a customer journey (sales funnel) that converts them into paying patients and customers. Website copy makeovers typically start at $2,500 CAD*.

Email sequences build followers and develop relationships with them. Emails start at $150 CAD*.

Case studies build your credibility and value. They generally involve an interview and some research. Case studies start at $400 CAD*.

Other services include complete website audits, content strategy, social media promotion, sales pages, ebooks, whitepapers and email opt-in pages.

IMPORTANT! On monthly retainers and bundles, I offer special pricing.
Our most popular content package right now includes one 1,000 word blog post each week (four each month), for only $800/month CAD* You save $400/mo. This is a limited time offer.

* Prices in Canadian dollars.

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