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    Hi Cole,

    I agree with you there – it’s tough for small business and companies to manage or handle it all. If they do it all on their own, where do they find the time to work on their product, service, or business. Passing the work to those who specialize in writing or perhaps social media is their best option. Yes, some companies have their own staff of such professionals, while other prefer delegating it to others. Writing good content that is of value IS the key, agree with you there. :)

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead :)

    BTW – My comment is showing up in large fonts so I can’t manage to read it, just hope it’s not the case with others :)
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      Hi Harleena,

      Thanks for the comment and for letting me know about the font size in the comment area. Amazing what a difference a missed decimal point makes :-). I did some re-styling in that area yesterday and used 14rem instead of 1.4rem for the font size in the style sheet. Since I don’t send myself comments in the front-end, it may have been some time before I caught that. Thanks so much for the heads up.

      – Cole
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    Hi absolutely agree with you cole, allow me to share my own experience.

    In Lagos, Nigeria where I am, I once consulted for a real estate company and on presenting blogging and social media marketing as part of my laid down marketing plan; it was totally rejected, and the same excuse tallies with yours.

    I think some business does fairly well without these two marketing strategies while some doesnt. In my own case, they’d rather pitch tent with the traditional newspaper advertisement that is capable of reaching a potential 15000 readers a day throughout the Nigerian states.

    Thanks for sharing.
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      Hi Pankaj,

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

      Social media has rarely worked for our clients, as a do-it-yourself proposition, because they already invest over 60 hours a week running their businesses. But hiring a social media pro gets it done. We do use PPC advertising on client accounts, in the early stages of content marketing, before organic search results kick in. But once we’ve achieved first page rankings, PPC is just too costly for the small businesses we work with.

      – Cole
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      Hi Amiti,

      Exactly. I remember a time, some years back, where most web designers laid out the site in Photoshop, wrote the code, and carried out SEO and other promotion. The Internet was new and it was simpler. To provide a high level of service in 2014, online marketing agencies have a team of specialists, each working on one component of the marketing strategy. For a business owner to take care of business as usual during the day, plus add on all these added roles, is an impossible task.

      – Cole
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