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    Hey Cole,
    Could not agree more. It is ok to think that new content is enough, and perhaps it is ok with it being indexed by Google and all (you might get some good views from SEO). But in the end, you get quite a lot more amplification from Social Media and all the related channels. The stats (mine included) prove it
    have a great week
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    Hey Cole

    The way I look at it is that it’s not wise to rely on content alone when it comes to your marketing strategy.

    One week Google may love your content and then the next week they bring out another algorithm change and you’re demoted to page 100.

    It pays to diversify and using services such as Triberr to drive traffic can be very beneficial when it comes to social media.
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    Thanks Cole
    I agree…whenever I do a new post on my blog that is the first thing I do is post on multiple social media sites. I use a tracking plugin and find it fun and interesting to see how the amount of website viewers shoot up quickly right after I have shared my post. I have found for my own personal social media that Google+ has worked the best for me.

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      Hi Wendy,

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. It is fun to watch the traffic come in after releasing a new post, notifying the world in social media and then completing the blog commenting list. I would agree that Google+ is the star when it comes to getting traffic after the release of fresh content.

      - Cole

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    Hi Ashley,
    I would say that content is equally important as promoting it on social media. Rather both complement and complete each other.
    Merely writing content on a website might get you good rankings with search engines but social media has to count for something.
    Even search engines now pay attention to the social media presence of a website.
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      Hi Vineet,

      You are absolutely right. Over the past year we have seen the influence of social media in client search engine rankings, particularly where there are retweets, likes, +1s and other mentions.

      - Cole

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    Hi Cole,

    Ahhh…the Yellow Pages.
    I have to say – those are two words I haven’t given any thought to for a VERY long time ;)

    How important is social media? To me, very.
    Even if we aren’t the ones who are doing the promoting for ourselves.

    The act of taking a link, complete with an image and summary, sharing it everywhere and having that prospective reader be able to read your content within minutes is pretty cool.
    And we don’t have to rely on others (big media, corporations, etc) to put the word out there for us. We get to do this ourselves – on our time frame, on our terms, in our own words.
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    Hey Cole,

    The Yellow Pages! I think I remember what those are! Those big huge clunky books we use to have to look up a number in right! Man am I glad they don’t make those anymore, I’m glad some things are gone. lol…

    I agree, I think we need both. In today’s market you can’t rely on just one form of distribution or you’ll be outdone by your competition. You have to be able to get the word out about your content to as many people as you can and social media is the way to do just that.

    We can’t just rely on the search engines alone picking up our content. You never know with Google when another change will come along and how that will affect us today. Social media is about sharing and word of mouth which to me is a whole lot better overall.

    Great job of explaining the importance of this. I think this will help a lot.

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