Has CommentLuv Lost the Luv?

 Has CommentLuv lost the Luv?When Anti Spam Goes Too Far

I believe that when security software throws the baby out with the bathwater, it’s too aggressive. It’s time to step back and re-evaluate.

In some cases the software settings can be tweaked, so it’s usable, but we know that most business owners are going to install and run security software as is, right “out of the box.”

A few years back, we still included setup and organization of client computers and networks to help new website owners get up to speed with handling web requests and online orders. One of the greatest obstacles we faced was anti spam and firewall software that was far too aggressive as installed. Leads were not being followed up and orders were never fulfilled. In other words, security had become very bad for business.

More recently, we will occasionally have clients complaining about email spam coming from information request forms on their website. A little spam goes with the territory, but we’ve had some clients that were downright insistent that we eradicate all spam. After trying several different Captcha and anti-spam solutions, we can usually rid the inbox of unwanted emails from their website. These same clients will almost certainly be complaining a few days later that hardly any leads are coming in any more. And there’s the catch; make the forms unfriendly enough for spammers and they are every bit as antisocial with prospective customers.

 A few days ago I read a post that advocated installing 3 anti spam plugins on a WordPress blog. I felt that was perhaps overkill and wanted to put in my two cents worth. Guess what; my comment failed to meet certain criteria and was never approved. This was a blog I have often commented on before, but now I struck it from the list.

CommentLuv’s New Anti Backlinker Plugin

Over the past months we have been a huge promoter of CommentLuv. We have purchased and installed the Premium version for most of our client sites, blogged about it and spread the word in social media. We had a profound “Luv” and admiration for the value the plugin and the community it fostered brought to blogging.

Many online marketers began denouncing the practice of blog commenting when bloggers put the ‘nofollow’ attribute on any outbound links in comments. Quite a few prominent blogs in the SEO industry no longer even accept comments, much less engage in leaving any. They consider commenting a relic of a more social, less self-absorbed, value-for-value era in blogging. Has the practice of commenting indeed become focused on exclusion and getting something for nothing? They may have a point. Accepting comments, while giving nothing in return, is not a sustainable model, and very soon blogs may not include a comment feature. In that, the naysayers may be right.

Some of us in the SEO, content marketing and affiliate marketing industries still believed that commenting had merit, because although there was little or no link value left for search rankings, commenting still encouraged real visitors to stop by and engage with fresh content. When I read a useful comment, I am very happy there’s a link that allows me to visit the thoughtful writer’s blog and expand my network.  CommentLuv permitted the nofollow attribute to be removed, and even included a link to the latest post published by the commenter. CommentLuv provided genuine value to commenters in exchange for taking the time to leave thoughtful feedback and add value to the blog. Often the comments below the post brought the writer’s content to life, and I have spent more time reading comments than the posts themselves.

When the Anti Backlinker Plugin became available to CommentLuv Premium subscribers, we installed it on our blog, and those of our clients. Within hours a flood of angry comments and client emails came in demanding to know why the comment feature on the blog was now providing “stupid error messages” in boxes and then stripping the backlinks from the comments.

We quickly checked on the CommentLuv settings and discovered that by default, the Anti Backlinker Plugin requires the commenter to have a Gravatar set up with WordPress, and the blog link provided must be for the root domain (http://www.domainname.com). Most of our small business clients will not have a Gravatar set up when we meet them. They are not full-time bloggers, where the blog is the ‘Home’ page. They will have a static home page and other pages that describe their company and the products and services they offer. The blog will be available from the menu and probably resides at a URL like http://www.domainname.com/blog. This blog is located at http://www.colewiebe.com/blog and I have therefore been receiving the dreaded “Sorry but…” messages on CommentLuv sites wherever the Anti Backlinker plugin has been installed with its default configuration.

I do get that blog comment spam is a problem and that there is a need for some measure of effective filtering. It’s limiting comments to just “our little club”, where all the checked criteria a professional or serious hobby blogger will have in place are satisfied, that I believe may ultimately kill commenting for everyone.

I’ve read quite a few self-righteous posts and comments from dedicated purist bloggers who believe that comments from conventional brick and mortar and ecommerce businesses are driven only by a desire for profit and a quest for free links. I understand they believe that only true bloggers have an untainted sense of “community”. For them, the new Anti Backlinker should shut out most non-career bloggers quite effectively and it may help remove the last shred of value blog commenting had in a small business marketing strategy. Personally, I find references to the impure profit motive in commenting, for conventional businesses, and the need to stomp the practice out, a bit humorous. Click one of the links for products or services on these virtuous blogs and you’ll generally discover that an affiliate referral has been made to another site. And stop leaving comments on these righteous blogs and see how quickly they forget about commenting on yours any more. Very few of us have the luxury of time to comment without expecting something in return.

At the end of the day, commenting only has value to blog owners if there’s a return on investment. I visited quite a few of the CommentLuv blogs I usually will comment on last night and only the qualified “insiders” in the “dedicated blog” club had links associated with their recent comments on the large percentage of them. I had now been relegated to the “outside” − the un-Luv’d − on many blogs I’d been quite active on.

Will I waste my time, adding a thoughtful comment, knowing my links will not be published, because my blog is located at www.colewiebe.com/blog instead of the root domain URL? Let’s see… nobody is ever going to follow a link to my blog, if they liked my comment, because the links simply aren’t there. No links = no resulting traffic, expanding the social network, or return comments = no value at all. It would appear that my list of “comment friendly” blogs just became a lot shorter. I will be placing a red “X” in front of ‘CommentNoLuv’ blogs the first visit and strike them from the list if some reciprocal value has not been restored by the next visit. Time is money. It’s just business.

The Takeaway

Anti Backlinker may have its place, but I believe all of the settings should be unchecked by default. In other words, exclusion of any commenter interested in more than leaving their point of view, or one that fails to meet very specific criteria, should be a very deliberate choice. The policy, “I’m happy to publish your comment, but refuse to return the favor for the value you’ve added to my blog, unless you have jumped through a list of unspecified hoops,” is one the blog owner is of course entitled to, but I am convinced that potential commenters should receive a notification of the site’s policy BEFORE they take the time to craft a meaningful comment. Owners of blogs the don’t comprise the whole website, like mine, need to know that their blogs will not be treated as legitimate.

Your thoughts?

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Important Update
Help appears to be on the way… Please read Andy Bailey’s quick response (and solution) to this post below and my reply. Andy is the developer behind CommentLuv.
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For The Record
I believe the original CommentLuv Premium plugin is brilliant. Their claim is: “Gets more comments and social engagement on your site.” And they have delivered on that in a big way, until just recently. It’s only the impact of the Anti Backlinker add-on plugin I’m having an issue with.



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Cole Wiebe

SEO / Content Marketing Consultant at Cole Wiebe & Assoc.
Cole helps small businesses and brands grow their influence and value online. The Cole Wiebe agency, founded 1997, is a boutique Vancouver SEO / content marketing firm specializing in online strategy, SEO copywriting and social media evangelism. Cole Wiebe on Google


  1. James McLean says

    Yeah, I think CommentLuv Premium shit the bed with this update. In my opinion, they went from the best thing that ever happened to blog commenting to the worst, overnight.


    • says

      Thanks for the input James. On the local level, it’s an easy fix; uninstall Anti Backlinker. It’s the thousands of blogs that are installing the new plugin that are becoming the problem. You’re in the same situation I am, commenting on behalf of clients on blogs, building relationships by contributing value. In exchange, we have received traffic and comments for our clients. The large percentage of our comment friendly blogs were CommentLuv. That may all change. I suppose we’ll know within the next few weeks.

      - Cole
      Cole Wiebe recently posted…Has CommentLuv Lost the Luv?My Profile

  2. says

    I made a comment but it turned into an epic number of words so I’ll publish it in a blog post instead..

    just wanted to say that the latest version of the plugin allows /blog/ in the url so it is not treated as a non-root domain

    I understand your concerns and will publish a post that I hope will address them and tag you in it
    Andy Bailey recently posted…CommentLuv PremiumMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Andy,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment and for addressing the roadblock the Anti Backlinker plugin created for many bloggers.

      Removing the default setting that discriminated against commenters where their blog is part of a larger business or organization site is certainly a step in the right direction. Many WordPress blogs are located at http://www.domainname.com/blog, but I have come across unique locations set up by various themes and frameworks.

      The bloggers our company works with are small business owners. They aren’t savvy do-it-yourself career bloggers that have set up their own blog(s), WordPress.com accounts, Askimet, Gravatar, etc. Imposing a Gravatar restriction I believe will prevent a lot of small businesses from taking advantage of commenting in their online strategy.

      Since writing my post, I’ve had time to give the entire matter a lot more thought. The reason your customers purchased CommentLuv Premium is because they wanted to increase the number of comments they were receiving. When bloggers began putting the ‘nofollow’ attribute on comment links, the ‘backlink’ value in SEO was removed. SEO bloggers across the globe declared commenting to be a complete waste of time in any online marketing strategy. CommentLuv may well have saved commenting as a business marketing strategy, and is one of those rare products that fully lived up to promises and expectations.

      CommentLuv provided an easy way of removing the ‘nofollow’ attribute, if desired, and included a link to the most recent post of other CommentLuv’rs. The sidebar widget promoted active commenters, and fostered networking. Blog owners were able to reward commenters with genuine value and traffic in exchange for the value quality comments added to their blogs.

      Bloggers became victims of their own success. CommentLuv was so effective, they found themselves spending a lot of time replying to comments. And they discovered that commenters more or less expected comments in return, and that was time consuming. Popularity usually has a price, and their blogs also attracted commenters that only wanted a link, without really contributing to the conversation. I get that bloggers began to grumble. Perhaps the correct approach would be for them to deactivate CommentLuv, after it’s served its purpose, rather than demanding it become something it was never intended to be.

      I see Anti Backlinker as diametrically opposed to the original vision. If it has a place it should probably be released separately as CommentNoLuv or CommentLessLuv. CommentLuv promoted commenting and made blogs extremely ‘comment friendly’. Even with the update, Anti Backlinker is still ‘comment hostile’ to small business commenters that are not blog savvy enough to have a Gravatar. It should definitely reduce comments. But will it really help prevent comment spam? Will it drive away the right people?

      High volume backlink developers are often techies that saw a way to turn their skill set into quick profits. I believe these people will have no problem popping by WordPress.com to pick up a few Gravatars for their various personas. It’s the non-career blogger that is in the cross-hairs, the small business owner that has not hired an agency to help them jump over the hurdles placed in their path in online marketing. (As one of those agencies, perhaps I’m shooting myself in the foot by saying so.) These visitors will leave a few thoughtful comments on CommentLuv sites, notice that there are no links in return, and learn to avoid any site with the CommmentLuv badge.

      I am currently engaged in three client email dialogs in which I have repeatedly asked them to forward a reply email they would have received from WordPress.com, so I can complete the setup of their Gravatar. What may seem like such a little thing is clearly a big hurdle for people who do not set up and maintain their own blogs. I don’t believe many people will click the link provided to get their Gravatar. One of the reasons CommentLuv sites have done so well in attracting comments is because the visitor didn’t have to go through the bother of setting up a Disqus, IntenseDebate or Livefyre account, or just registering with the blog, before they could join the conversation.

      Thanks again for listening to your customers and for responding so quickly.

      - Cole
      Cole Wiebe recently posted…Has CommentLuv Lost the Luv?My Profile

  3. says

    Hey Cole,

    I see that Andy has already responded to this and as a huge promoter of CommentLuv Premium here are my two cents.

    First off it’s an option and your clients don’t have to use that feature if they don’t want to. Second, as you said, you can set it up anyway you want to benefit the blog owner’s commenting policy. Andy did change that option to where /blog is now allowed so all links are accepted.

    Also anyone who installs a plugin should take the time to set it up properly in the first place. You sure as hell can’t blame the creator for other’s mistakes. Whether they’re knowledgeable about this or not isn’t the issue here, it’s their responsibility period.

    Those who are only on my blog for the backlinks and nothing else will not get any links from me anyway. Those aren’t the people I want on my blog in the first place.

    I know your clientele is a different breed and I can respect the fact that they are here to make money. Blog commenting to me is more about building relationships and yes, I love CLP because it’s a great way to find other bloggers. So if you visit a blog that has that strict of a policy and they don’t allow your comment then I wouldn’t be visiting them again either.

    Andy is doing his best to help cut back on spam, something that will never disappear and continue to get worse. I for one applaud his efforts.

    Adrienne recently posted…How To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Social MediaMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Adrienne,

      Again, until CommentLuv shut me down with a vengeance, I was one of its most dedicated promoters. I purchased it after clicking an affiliate link on your site. Let’s say I met you in a park and you told me, “Hey, check out this super friendly dog.” I played with the dog and agreed. An awesome dog; so I recommended others play with him. Suddenly, the dog bites me… I mean hard. You could expect me to mention, “Hey, you know that super friendly dog you sent over… not so friendly any more.” I’m not mad, but I adapt to changing circumstance. I imagine it is difficult to see my point because your ‘dedicated’ blog is in the root domain. You also have a Gravatar. You were not a victim of the update.

      If you turn the table around, and you just spent hours commenting on blogs where your links were stripped off of the majority of the comments, you may feel the same level of frustration. Now imagine if you paid a team of professional networkers, who write guest posts, engage in social media and also comment on blogs, you may now be out a few hundred dollars because the commenting would have had zero value. The discrimination against non-career bloggers, where the blog is not the whole website, would be taking a serious toll. Business bloggers are not an obscure little group. In fact, stats from HubSpot indicate we represent just under 70% of all bloggers.

      If career bloggers want to tell such a significant percentage of us to hit the road, that may come back to bite them in the wallet as well. Some of these people are involved with corporate jobs, but they long to have their own web business, to break away from the ratrace, just like you. The future fulltime bloggers are working at a job somewhere today, probably in the blogging department, because it interests them.

      Robert Allan refers to many full-time bloggers as outfitters of picks and shovels, to the gold prospectors striking out on their own. The prospectors buy the very ebooks, courses and services dedicated bloggers offer. They click the affiliate links that pour Clickbank and Commission Junction dollars into the bank. The seasoned insiders of the blogging community already have the knowledge. That may translate into the ‘best’ comments, but are these people the most productive when it comes to click-throughs and revenue? Or would it perhaps be useful to encourage “outsiders” to stick around, engage in the conversation, and maybe click a link or two?

      This is something I coach my clients on all the time. A roofer will prefer to hang out on roofing blogs and with roofers in social channels. Are his roofer competitors going to realistically become his customers? Really? Maybe he should be networking on homeowner and fix’r upper sites instead, hanging out with “strangers”. The same goes for me. My ‘inner club’ of SEOs and content marketers, that I feel comfortable around, is hardly where my future clients will come from.

      I agree. People who install the Anti Backlinker plugin should configure it, or at the least understand who they just penalized. Our experience suggests that in fact bloggers are like any other installer of security software, they trust the developer and let ‘er run as is, right “out of the box.” That was my point; the plugin should come with the boxes unchecked, so the blogger would have to very consciously choose the groups they wish to exclude.

      If you read my reply to Andy, you’d know that I believe Anti Backlinker and CommentLuv are at cross purposes. CommentLuv actively encourages commenting by providing added linking and the option of removing ‘nofollow’ attributes. It’s a tool to grow comments and it has worked brilliantly, until now. If a blogger has more comments than they want, perhaps they should just deactivate CommentLuv… turn off the faucet. In sharp contrast, with default settings, Anti Backlinker actively discourages commenting by all but a small insider group that meets the criteria. I think it should be marketed separately as an anti spam solution that aggressively discourages commenting, essentially CommentLuv’s darker brother, CommentNoLuv. Let’s face it, the stock WordPress comment functionality is far more comment friendly, more luv’ing.

      - Cole
      Cole Wiebe recently posted…Has CommentLuv Lost the Luv?My Profile

  4. says

    Hey Cole,

    Since you were an advocate of CommentLuv then you should be aware of the settings in the Anti Backlink plugin.

    1) Andy shared that having your blog not as your root domain has been changed with his recent update.
    2) Not having a gravatar is an option you can check to include or not include. I have it as a warning because I prefer people who visit my site to have a face. It’s so damn simple to set it up it shouldn’t be an excuse for anyone.
    3) The warning comes up as soon as you put your information in the link field so if you don’t want to waste time commenting then don’t. They’re telling you your links will be stripped and they’ll telling you why.

    I can understand your frustration, I shared that in my previous comment, but Andy is looking out for the bloggers who use “his plugin”. This is HIS product and he’s listening to the complains of HIS customers and he’s doing the best he can to cut down on spam.

    Because so many people do not look at the instructions right out of the box then by unchecking everything when they first install it then they would think the darn thing doesn’t work. He encourages everyone to watch his video and set it up accordingly. You cannot blame him for people not doing what they’re being told to do right from the start.

    I know that Andy listened to your complaint and once again, I hear where you’re coming from. I’m sorry you and your customers are having such a difficult time with these additions but once again, they are options the bloggers can or don’t have to use. It’s up to each individual who has a mind of their own and are here to do what’s right for them and their blogs. Spam has become the sour taste in our mouths but we still appreciate hearing from our readers. If each blogger can’t take the time to understand how this needs to be set up or whether it will help or hurt them then that’s on their shoulders.

    There are so many bloggers that are going with different commenting systems and have uninstalled CommentLuv altogether. It’s a choice each blogger can make. Andy created this to help bloggers connect with each other and share some love. It’s not our fault way too many people take advantage of that. We all have to look out for ourselves.

    Adrienne recently posted…How To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Social MediaMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Adrienne,

      I’m certainly hoping it sorts itself out. Until a few days ago, CommentLuv has been the best thing going to offset the disadvantages imposed by blog links switching to ‘nofollow’. We have encouraged small business owners to purchase the Premium version and become actively involved in conversations on blogs related in theme, but also those where their prospective customers hang out, providing value to the blogs, with a commitment to becoming part of the communities. As an industry, most of us are coaching our clients to think along those lines. I don’t believe we’re the devil that needs to be shut down, but I acknowledge he’s out there and something must be done.

      As expressed, my feelings are that promoting lively comment dialogs and stomping out spam should perhaps be handled by different solutions, as their agendas are almost diametrically opposed. If Andy can come up with a happy medium there, he’s a greater genius than I previously perceived. :-).

      - Cole
      Cole Wiebe recently posted…Has CommentLuv Lost the Luv?My Profile

  5. says

    Hey Cole,

    I have to disagree with you, I just installed the Antibacklinker plugin yesterday and watched the video to ensure that I set it up correctly.

    I went through and whitelisted everyone who regularly comments on my blog. This way their links and comments automatically get approved.

    Like Adrienne, I have it set up to warn people who don’t have a gravatar, because most of the spam comments I received had no gravatar. So that should eliminate some of the spam I was getting.

    The great thing is that you have the ability to set it up anyway that you want. I love it and wish I would’ve installed it sooner. I love the plugin even more now, since installing it yesterday, my spam has really been cut down.
    Susan Velez recently posted…Time Management Clock – Taking More BreaksMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Susan,

      Thanks for your input. Out of the gate, judging from the large percentage of CommentLuv Premium blogs that killed my links, that’s not happening. It would appear that people who install security software put too much faith in the default settings applying universally. Perhaps white-listing functionality should be a default process that occurs when it’s installed, or a dialog box needs to pop up to strongly encourage it.

      We’re both blog savvy enough that if we didn’t already have a Gravatar, we’d have one in minutes. I am currently engaged in three client email dialogs in which I have repeatedly asked them to forward a reply email they would have received from WordPress.com, so I can complete the setup of their Gravatar. What may seem like such a trivial thing to us is clearly a big hurdle for people who do not set up and maintain their own blogs. I deal with this every day with small business clients. They are way out of their element with this “blog stuff.” Unfortunately, I don’t believe many people will click the link provided to get their Gravatar. They’ll just click to another blog that’s friendlier.

      - Cole
      Cole Wiebe recently posted…Has CommentLuv Lost the Luv?My Profile

  6. says

    Hey Cole,

    How are you mate? I think you are pretty right here. I actually ditched CommentLuv recently. Why? Having over 500 spams is crazy!

    Now, I love CommentLuv but I think many people are going to let it go. Sadly but true. I think too many issues going on with it though. Personally, I hope Andy does something serious to it or else, it is going to be a close end to CL.

    Just my 2 cents.
    Reginald recently posted…How To Display Related Posts Without A Plugin In Genesis FrameworkMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Reginald,

      Thanks for the input. Comment spam is a problem, to be sure. I believe the problem is that the CommentLuv suite now is attempting to go in two directions at once. The core plugin rewards commenters with additional links, and the option of removing the nofollow attribute; while the Anti Backlinker plugin add-on punishes commmenters that don’t meet a strict criteria by removing their links. It sounds like two very separate solutions are required.

      - Cole
      Cole Wiebe recently posted…Has CommentLuv Lost the Luv?My Profile

  7. says

    Hey Cole
    I think I ran across your mention of this issue on Silviu’s blog? anyway not that point.

    This software update is of course well intentioned and also not surprisingly (especially to me, someone who programs software) has issues on first release. Ever heard don’t buy the product on first release? Don’t install it either :>

    That most people just blindly install this plugin is no surprise to me, and should not be to Andy, so I hope he tweaks the defaults a little and perhaps sends out some more info on this. I am sure he will, being the good bloke he is.

    Funny how such a small thing can cause so many issues.

    here’s to hoping it is short-lived.
    Ashley F recently posted…What can you learn from the Best Twitter Bios?My Profile

    • says

      Hi Ashley,

      You’re so right. People who install security software, whether it be anti virus/firewall software on a computer or an anti spam plugin, generally are not IT geeks. They will, for the most part, trust the default settings and never tweak them.

      I believe that the full impact of the Anti Backlinker plugin, in its initial configuration, would only hit home with the dedicated full-time bloggers down the road a bit. Small business bloggers may immediately discover, as we did, that some 60+% of the CommentLuv blogs they used to actively contribute on are no longer publishing links or providing any reciprocal value. Meanwhile, the full-time bloggers are still getting comments, so they’re happy. “So what if half those commenters don’t get links…” It’s when those commenters realize they were penalized, and never return, comments go way down and resulting traffic and affiliate revenue are impacted, that they will perhaps see our point.

      One commenter responded that every blog owner has the ability to set their own configuration as they see fit, so it’s their problem. Fair enough. But if CommentLuv gains the reputation, over the next months, of being the most ‘commment hostile’ platform out there, I believe many active commenters that currently add real value will learn to stay well clear of sites with the CommentLuv badge. (Sites that provide lists of CommentLuv blogs could in time provide them so people will know which sites to avoid, not visit.) When it impacts dedicated full-time bloggers’ bank accounts they will be more likely to understand what small business bloggers are currently experiencing. Somewhere along that path it will become everyone’s problem.

      - Cole
      Cole Wiebe recently posted…Has CommentLuv Lost the Luv?My Profile

    • says

      Hi Kristen,

      CommentLuv Premium users may have become victims of their own success. The very thing that made the plugin so brilliant, with the link incentive provided to commenters, seems to be causing the company to now go in the opposite direction.

      The intermittent approach you mention may have merit. Perhaps CommentLuv is best used as a short term builder of comments and traffic and it should be deactivated when it’s achieved those objectives, before the spammers become a real nuisance.

      - Cole
      Cole Wiebe recently posted…Has CommentLuv Lost the Luv?My Profile

  8. says

    I don’t have CommentLuv Premium so I don’t know what the default settings are or what kinds of options there are entirely. The free version works well enough for me at this time so that’s what I use.

    I do know that there are many sites that have their blog in a sub-folder (not the root) and they are not /blog/. They do come in many varieties. There are also many that are sub-domains (blog . domain . com) type of thing, and they aren’t always blog either. I don’t know if CommentLuv takes sub-domains into consideration or not.

    Mine is located in a sub-folder, and there are quite a few sites that I have visited that don’t give me links because of this, which I don’t totally agree with. If it were in the root domain I would get a backlink, but not if it’s in a sub-folder doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

    I do obviously have a Gravatar, but I also believe there are a lot of people out there that don’t have a clue what it is or how to set it up. It’s the site owners choice not to allow a comment without one. It don’t matter to me if they have one or not as long as it’s on topic and legit. I don’t think they should be denied just because they don’t have one. Some people say the default image is ugly or they are all just spammers. It doesn’t look bad to me. I have seen much worse looking Gravatars that people actually uploaded and use than many of the default ones.
    Ray recently posted…When Commenting On Blogs Use Your Real NameMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Ray,

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I agree that stripping off the links for anyone that doesn’t have a Gravatar or their blog in the root domain discriminates against the wrong people. A lot of bloggers that add to the community, contributing with useful comments, would be essentially told to ‘hit the road’ with that filtering criteria. Hopefully CommentLuv gets it all sorted out, so actual comment spammers are discouraged, but good commenters receive valuable link consideration for taking the time to add to the conversation.

      - Cole
      Cole Wiebe recently posted…Has CommentLuv Lost the Luv?My Profile

  9. says

    I would like to say a little about CommentLuv plugin. CommentLuv plugin is a no-follow plugin whereas KeywordLuv is one which allows do-follow linking. Its difficult without a plugin to comment on a blog or article. Commentluv plugin is a direct interface between the user and the blog.
    Aayush Mathur recently posted…New domain out there for seekers.My Profile

  10. jack rider777 says

    We don’t include CommentLuv Quality and so i don’t really know what the actual default settings are as well as what kinds of selections you’ll find completely. This cost-free model successful adequate for me at this time consequently that’s exactly what I take advantage of.

    I know there are many internet sites that have their web site within a sub-folder (not the actual root) and they’re not really /blog/. That they carry out appear in many kinds. There’s also many which can be sub-domains (blog. domain. com) kind of factor, and they aren’t often web site both. We don’t understand in the event that CommentLuv normally takes sub-domains into mind as well as not really.

    Acquire is located in any sub-folder, along with you’ll find many internet sites that we include went to of which don’t provide myself back links for that reason, that i don’t totally believe. In case that were being within the origin domain We would get a one way link, but is not in the event that it’s within a sub-folder doesn’t help make a great deal of perception to me.

    I actually do clearly use a Gravatar, yet We also believe there are many of men and women around of which don’t use a clue exactly what it is as well as tips on how to push the button. It’s the site managers option not to let any thoughts with no one. That don’t issue to me should they include one as well as not really given that it’s on subject along with respectable. We don’t imagine they must be refused just because they don’t include one. A number of people say the actual default image is ugly as well as they are all simply just spammers. That doesn’t seem bad to me. I’ve got viewed much more painful shopping Gravatars that people basically submitted along with employ compared to lots of the default kinds.
    jack rider777 recently posted…Computer SupportMy Profile

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